Em Erdmann
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Meetinghouse and members early 2000"s

The best way to contact us is by visiting us on a Sunday/ first-day morning.  But if you have questions we can answer during the week either call the Clerk, listed below or send us an email.

When you do visit, sign our Guest Book and indicate you'd like to be placed on our mailing list.  We will send out notices three or four times a year to refresh our Zoom link and fill you in on some of the coming highlights of the coming season.

If you'd like more frequent news, ask to be placed on our Members and Attenders list-serve.

We also invite you to explore and learn about the wider circles of our Religious Society by visiting the following websites

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting: https://www.pym.org

Friends General Conference: https://www.fgcquaker.org

Wider Quaker Fellowship/ Friends World Committee for Consultation: https://www.fwccamericas.org

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